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Pride @MQuigley1963

Topic - LGBT Pride/ Love

Wearing a smile

Instead of a frown

Giving more

Expecting to

Receive nothing

If I do then it’s a blessing

Showing love

And kindness

Sometimes when

I don’t want to

Broken hearted

Smiling through pain

Lighting another person’s way

Making them feel better,

Stronger, and more resilient

Laughing at life

Instead of getting caught up

In the mire

So no one feels like they’re dire

And out of place

Despite their religion, color

Or race

As long as

You love

One another

It’s fantastic

You’re gay

Poet's biography

Name: Melisa Quigley

Place of residence: Melbourne, Australia

Your favourite quote: You’re stronger than you think you are

Your once wish for the world: Peace

Where can we find out more about you: https://melisaquigley.wordpress.com/

A small bio about you:

I completed the Associated Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. My story, The house on the hill, came second in the 2015 City of Glen Eira My Brother Jack Awards. Since then, my flash fiction, poetry, and short stories have been published in 20 anthologies in the Philippines, the US, India, and Australia. My debut novel, The Complexities of Love, is coming out in August 2021 with a traditional publisher in Canada.

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