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PRIMAL WAVES @poetryaloha

The eager anticipation of my fingertips await her sanguine lips of gentle intimacy

Hearts collide in pristine waters of deep blue sea and coral dexterity

Lungs sigh heavy

Inebriant feel of pulsing breast muscle beneath me

Radiant smile and breath of frenetic energy

Her eyes overflowing in cool shadows of willowy palm tree

Melt away inhibitions her gracious smile of femininity

Fate of passion and surreal destiny

Release our hearts of lustful captivity

Charm of Hula dreams of mystery

Impressions upon her soft full lips

Like the warmth of oil massaged across curves and hips

Inviting my caress of masculine serenity

Her embrace of romance dissolves the separation and pain

Her kiss lingers of lost lovers in soft island rain

Primal attraction of energies flowing through arteries and left side brain

Destined to find each other's pulse in sandy footsteps

Two souls walk along a beach of celestial charm in a touch of eloquence

Where the spirit of Aloha imparts blessings and soulful acquiescence

Heartbeats skip as a simple smile lifts

To touch my life of gray with colorful riffs

Her presence inside illuminates like burning torches in my journey

The weight of her night stars in seismic gravity

I will carry in heavy heart of cosmic perpetuity

Long distance love will only fade so we must find a way...

A hui hou (till we meet again) my island pua in the fragrant sunrise of a new earthly day

Residence: Poipu Beach, Kauai

Favourite Quote: Love gives life within

One Wish for the world: A safer and healthy planet for humanity

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