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Severed Star @halo_scot

Topic - Overcoming fear

There’s an ocean, and it’s endless.


A vortex of violent greed.

There’s a mountain, and it’s eternal.


A pyramid of silent need.

There’s a sky, and it’s forever.


A prayer of defiant creed.

There’s a sun, and it’s September.


Autumn sows the siren seeds.

Because you must swim the ocean

To climb the mountain

To see the sky

To feel the sun.

But there is no sun,

No sky,

No mountain,

Only ocean’s endless depths.

No air to breathe,

Nor light to seize,

In leagues of a thousand steps.

Because there’s an ocean, and it’s ruthless.


A cruel fist that drowns and bleeds.

There’s a mountain, and it’s internal.


A monster only you can defeat.

There’s a sky, and it’s surrender.


A mask only you can beat.

There’s a sun, and it’s centered.


A star only you can meet.

But there’s a road, and it’s open.


A dirt path toward something new.

There’s a way, and you’ll find it.

Define it.

A canopy that clears to blue.

Because you’re ready now,

Ready to fight the monster under your childhood bed,

The one you fed with fear, with dread,

With nightmares you magicked alive,

Through years of spiraling nosedives.

You’re ready now,

Ready to face the closet filled with corpses of dreams,

The ones you slew with tears, with screams,

With skeletons your misery carved,

The ones self-hatred always starved.

You’re ready now,

Ready to forget the dumpster stuffed with costume you,

The one you cast with nails, with glue,

With paint that erased your hardened soul,

And replaced your heart with fool’s gold.

You’re ready now.

So you do it now.

There’s an ocean, and you swim it.

Win it.

And kill the monster under your bed.

There’s a mountain, and you find it.

Climb it.

And burn your closet red.

There’s a sky, and you see it.

Believe it.

And bomb the dumpster dead.

There’s a sun, and you feel it.

Steal it.

And grow your wings from threads.

Then the ocean drains.

The mountain falls.

The sky clears.

The sun calls.

And you answer.

As you.

Poet's biography

Name: Halo Scot Place of residence: United States Your favourite quote: “The braver we are, the luckier we get.” ― Glennon Doyle Your one wish for the world: Kindness and acceptance across the human spectrum. Where can we find out more about you (Website link): https://haloscot.com/ A small bio about you:

Halo Scot is the author of the Rift Cycle—a grimdark, science-fantasy series with psychological horror, mental illness, and LGBTQ+ themes—and a founding member of QueerIndie.com.

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