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Shielding By @MrPat3l

You’ve been asked to shield, to shield from what?

It’s been so long that many people have forgot

Sitting by the window, letting the cool breeze in

Don’t breathe in too much as you’ve been advised by a kin

Some people fear that they’re getting punished for a sin

Stuck in a room, looking at a never-ending wall

Must be a difficult to feel like you’re failing to stand tall

‘We are the imperfect ones, the ones society ignores.

Just because we don’t speak about it, don’t mean our hearts aren’t being torn’.

Lack of communication

Lack of clarification

Where’s the clear direction?

Keep at it as your time will come

We will all be together when matters are overcome.

Try not to give up and keep your light burning

Life won’t feel the same even when the world keeps turning.

Soon it will be time for you to rise like a phoenix

We will work together to try to fix this.

One day.

Poet's bio

Name: Mr Petal

Place of residence: North of England

Your favourite quote: ‘Verily with hardship comes ease’

Your one wish for the world: I would wish for a united world where differences are put aside and similarities are celebrated.

What teaching means to you: A great responsibility. We are being trusted to provide a platform for children who we hope can have a positive impact in the world we live in. Each child in our care has the potential to positively influence the world in the not so distant future.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): @MrPat3l (Twitter) and https://mrpetal.wordpress.com/

A small bio about you: I am a primary education teacher, living in the North of England (in my seventh year of teaching). I’m currently enjoying my role as a NQT mentor and leader of Sports & PE in a small primary school. - On a side note, a huge thank you to Christopher Harrison (@MrHtheteacher) and Mia (MissBTeaches_) for the motivation to dive into the world of blogging and poetry. - Brilliant human beings..

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