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Solitude @Cosquellemind

Topic - Healing

Vines of claimed insanity grow upon the trellis of my soul

and I almost feel whole dancing with shadows

and laughing with versions

few will ever know.

And as I cling to the waves of isolation pain no longer a constellation I realise there's nothing, nothing to anchor me, but me. And I wonder in the midst of the whispers how can I continue as I am when I am who I am

having knocked a thousand times upon a closed blackened teak heart understanding not that I’m becoming

always becoming that which I truly seek that which perhaps I have sought a thousand lives before.

Poet's biography

Name: Danielle Martin

Place of residence: Trinidad and Tobago

Your favourite quote: "And this too shall pass"

Your one wish for the world: For individuals to truly find and appreciate their authentic selves, their culture, history, individual stories and everything that makes them seemingly different. And for there to be a greater openness amongst us to receive and appreciate that the collective variations are what truly makes humanity progressively beautiful.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): Stalk and follow me across social media:

https://www.facebook.com/martindauthor https://www.instagram.com/cosquelle.mind https://www.twitter.com/cosquellemind

A small bio about you:

Danielle Martin is a former West Indian Journalist and Copywriter who took a leap of faith and published, "Kissing Shadows: Caribbean Love Poems" which went on to become an Amazon Best Seller in spite of the odds. Additionally, Danielle's work can be read in several publications namely, Ariel Chart, Claudius Speaks, Free Lit Magazine, Entropy, The Organic Poet as well as in the 2016 and 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthologies and the newly released, Heartbeats: Anthology of Poetry.

This emerging poet is still crafting her art, although she now splits the time between writing poetry and her new found passion - mosaics. Danielle aims to produce another anthology soon.

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