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'Storm and Grace' by @CharIsWriting

Round cheeks

Rosy with sleep

Laughter drifting

Dark hearts lifted

They tiptoe

Through splintered

Toys and dreams

Gathering tattered

Dregs of strength

Their rotted pillars standing

Beneath walls

Windblown and crumbling

Dry leaves

And softened winds

Taunting the candlewax


Through windowpanes all cracked

The curtains swirling

The family

Robbed of home

And peace

Their ravaged rooms

Left twisting

With bulletproof grace.

Poet's bio

Name: Charlotte Louise Nystrom

Place of residence: Charleston, Maine

Your favourite quote: "After all, tomorrow is another day!" (Gone With The Wind, Margaret Mitchell)

Your one wish for the world: A true sense of home for every individual-- a space where they are safe to be themselves in every way. We should all feel at home in our collective world.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): https://www.charlottenystrom.net/

A small bio about you: Charlotte Louise Nystrom is a creative writer and poet from the rocky coast of Maine. Her favorite works are honest, emotional, and raw. Charlotte strives to capture words that will touch her readers' hearts and souls-- making the world a little softer by celebrating its beauty and bridging connections. Watch for Word Paintings, a collection of poetry cocreated with Author and Poet Larry Yoke.

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