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Stuck in Neutral @saldanact

Control is a curious thing.

It is in our nature, to adapt our environment to suit us.

But when we have no control,

And we are stuck waiting,

It’s then that we are stuck in neutral.

We are left to the mercy of inertia, gravity, and friction.

We are left in the vacuum of space,

Where the things that come to pass, are beyond us.

It’s an icky feeling, being stuck in neutral.

We wander, sometimes aimlessly, but still filled with hope,

That as we continue our journey,

Things will be as they once were.

And yet, when we return to that normalcy, we are not the same.

We cannot shun nor negate the experiences that came before.

We will have grown because of the experience.

So, my friends, as much as you hate it, embrace being stuck in neutral.

The epoch is only temporary in the epic of our lives.

We are growing right before our very eyes.

Name: Dr. Cristóbal T. Saldaña

Place of residence: Leander, Texas

Your favourite quote: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Your one wish for the world: Faith, hope, and love. Faith in our shared humanity. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today. And, love for one another. Forever and always.

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