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Summer girl @Dennis_n_Lyrics

They met in a time when the the Fab 4 were with four

She covered all in sunbeams ; she shone from the core

They lived and loved all through the real summer of love

All was covered in rainbows when push came to shove

But summer didn’t last; because fall made it end

She wrote him a letter and said; please understand

I’ll need to go my love

Soon I’ll be taken away

I’ll need to go my love

Before I slowly turn grey

I’ll need to go my love

Feel beyond what’s not to see

I’ll need to go my love

Because we are meant to be

From then dark months surrounded this cryptic letter

But she promised him that all was for the better

Her final words were; read the signs and feel the beams

…soon after mourning he orchestrated his dreams

Every cold day he felt all that wasn’t there

Felt her in his arms; tasted her lips, smelled her hair

No need to go my love

My heart is where you can stay

No need to go my love

Let me color up your day

No need to go my love

I’ll pull you from this debris

No need to go my love

Just accept we can be free

And finally summer arrived; and so did she

Lighting up the world; with her radiant energy

Then he took his moment when they gazed at the stars

This feeling right now; forever this could be ours

She caressed him and whispered; so sorry my dear

But I will be someone else when autumn comes near

It was just then when it struck him; and with a sigh

He nodded and said with a bright tear in his eye

You’ve got to go my love

Souls feel summer everyday

You’ve got to go my love

I’ll wait for our Monterey

You’ve got to go my love

Absence is our guarantee

You’ve got to go my love

Our dreams are reality

Name: Dennis Rust

Place of residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe)

Your favourite quote: “I don’t quote; I write” (definitely by me)

Your one wish for the world: For mankind to start feeling

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): http://www.dreamroomrevolution.com

A small bio about you: “A clueless about the world-” Comedian | Lyricist | Professional Cynic | Songwriter | Multi-Recording Artist | Scriptwriter | Actor | Creative Concepthinker | Voice-Over | Coach of the Creatives | Law of Attraction adept. 

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