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Sweet Things by @deuxiemepeau

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We smile here and pass pleasantries

to strangers while waiting in life’s lines,

we pack chatty onto every seat of the taxi

like it was our car and not just a hire car.

We walk lost folk to far ends of long roads

for better perspectives to point out

clearer directions and for everything else

there’s tea.

We offer cups of tea as if they were lifelines- lifebuoys

thrown out to take us in, warm waves

to wash relaxed over any auld Dublin drama.

We also rant and rave and drink and confess,

we fight with faith and won’t pay for water

and acknowledge that only when a potato

is placed in a plate can it truly be called a meal.

But in between we smile and pass pleasantries

to strangers in the streets and at bus stops,

filling those silly silences other cities hold

like hostages with sweet little somethings.

Name: Damien B. Donnelly

Place of residence: Dublin, Ireland

Your favourite quote: 'I'm frightened by the devil and I'm drawn to those ones that ain't afraid', Joni Mitchell from A Case of You

Your one wish for the world: A better understanding of how beautiful it is to be unique.

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