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Tell me your Destination @AnnekaChambers

Topic - Positive mindset

Tell me your Destination

that feeling, that happiness doesn’t belong to you…

when loneliness

rolls with depression,

and causes deep, emotional pain

but you tuck your feelings inside,

to bravely face the outside,

only you know, the extent,

of your inner strain.

here’s a little message i tell myself,

when i too, am feeling this way:

“we are all on different flights waiting to depart,

you will soon lift-off, from this very runway.”

when i think of life’s big occasions,

i’m talking about those really major life events…

i remind myself that they are not to be experienced by a specific age;

but at the right time,

to these destinations

i shall be sent.

so get ready, because soon you will experience the highest highs,

no longer will you watch other planes go by.

you are the captain of your very own private jet,

and when it is safe,

you shall lift-off and fly.

Poet's biography

Name: Anneka Chambers

Place of residence: London, England

Your favourite quote: "You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience." Dr Wayne W Dyer

Your one wish for the world:

That everyone finds inner peace and operates from a place of loving kindness.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

Twitter @annekachambers

Instagram @22poetrystreet

A small bio about you:

Anneka Chambers(she/her) is a Black British poet living in London. Anneka’s work can be found in South Bank Poetry,Fevers of the Mind, Vine Leaves Press, The Skinny Poetry Journal,Superfroots Magazine, Brave Voices Magazine, amongst other notable publications.

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