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The 'beautiful' beauty industry – $532 billion dollars of perfection

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Eff – Ewe to the beautiful beauty industry herd. We’ll no longer sit around and be quiet. While you’re lining your deep greasy pockets, there are 12-year-old girls on a diet!

Bee – Ess to your concept of beauty. With emphasis placed on the ‘Bee’. While your marketing hive is in over-drive, you sting with anxiety.

Shame on you ‘beauty’ executives and investors!

That ‘beautiful’ money you chase. We appreciate you think that ‘we’re worth it’ yet pressure us to ‘improve’ our face.

Planting seeds of self-doubt with ‘perfection’ you show. Unattainable beauty in every photo.

The masses aren’t wise to the tricks that you use. That cause so much damage, comparison and abuse.

Our roots need colour, wrinkles locked in place. Crow’s feet must go, feel such a disgrace!

Do these puffy cheeks mean we’ve become over-weight? Our nose has a hook in, it needs to be straight.

Our lips are too thin, need injection in. Need suction to get rid of our double chin.

We look too chubby. Need to be tighter. As for these teeth? They need to be whiter.

You tell us we’re ‘born with it’, but if that’s true. Why make us feel the way that you do?

Your bullying tactics are no less than vile. To sell white teeth that gleam and a Hollywood smile.

Imperfection in the mirror. Confidence destroyed. Only your magic products can fill-in the void.

You prey on our insecurity: Feel too fat, Look too old, Pants too tight. To break down our spirit to make profits. Do your billions help you sleep at night?

Adiós to your notion of ‘perfect’. Achievable through your magic pill. Bombarding with ‘perfect’ images of ‘perfect’ people. You’re perfectly making us ill!

Your desire for the green’s a senseless obstruction. You are criminals of mass ‘self-esteem’ destruction.

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