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The better person will always shine when we connect to our highest self @quietshepherd1

There was a boy who had a harsh life, it was cruel and he had no love offered

so he took his own love, and imagination and wished for much better with a gentle heart

strength was found within, but that was kept quiet. it was his hope

All of the pain that he suffered in his anguish made him more determined to do the right

things in life

so he grew and gave out his heart openly and freely to the world and found much


as his light was burning so brightly that some disliked and went out of their way to harm


But still he shined as he opened his heart to gratitude for his life

his circumstance should have broke him, but it brought courage

he let go of materialistic values and what we call the EGO

as it only took him downwards. Those doubts and the word stress

of life has no attachment to this pureness of heart, as this boy that suffered

now this Man is very very free

The law of attraction - what you give out you will receive back in abundance

give and share gratitude for everything in life

the more we share the more we will grow

then life will blossom just as a flower opens when the suns rays sets upon it

Your rise starts with your thoughts and you’re actions

master these and you have everything

Name: @quietshepherd1

Place of residence: Leicester in England

Your favourite quote: No one can make you unhappy you can only allow someone to make you unhappy so just be yourself and have gratitude for this universe and all it does on your behalf and all your rewards will happen without any expectations, thank you

Your one wish for the world: For more to awaken so they may find and see clearly the real truth. We always have hope and we always have love to accomplish everything

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