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THE BRIDGE @athenamkaiman

Topic - Inspiration

For what will bridge humankind as one,

How much suffering must be done,

We all experience the same world,

Yet too many flags are daily unfurled,

We are divided by color, by money, by war,

Nationalism, deities, and so much more,

A common enemy like disease,

Did not change anything, how could that be,

We all experienced the fear of death,

But it seemed to make us care even less,

The sickness that gripped Humanity,

Laid bare our divisions like an insanity,

We must stop the hate so we can survive,

Only kindness and love will allow us to thrive,

And when we are standing side by side,

We'll form a bridge across our great divide.

Poet's biography

Name: Athena Kaiman

Place of residence: Nashville, TN, USA

Your favourite quote: “Those who choose not to accept and respect the differences of others, doom us all to a life without dignity.” Athena M. Kaiman

Your one wish for the world: That we treat each other with dignity, acceptance, and respect, and that humanity finally evolves into a species that cares more about the Earth that sustains us, than for money.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):



A small bio about you:

After working in politics for many years, I decided to write the DAR & Earth Book Series to inspire the younger generation, particularly younger women, to change our world into a better place. It is my hope the books will inspire our youth to strive to save the Earth from climate change, which threatens not only the existence of humanity, but also the existence of the other species that live alongside of us.

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