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The Gift - Ceri Gascoyne

We will look back on this time

with wonder, and marvel

at what we had.

maybe we will look at it fondly

like a gift.

if we aren’t on the front line

there is the gift of time.

if we don’t have to endure heartbreak,

if we don’t have to say goodbye, we will be fine.

when calm is restored and

when the dust settles and the ground isn’t so freshly dug,

and the the burying is over,

we will be thankful for these long days.

we never had time. that’s what we said.

we didn’t paint the hall or fix the antique lights

that didn’t fit tightly to the wall.

the grass seeds dried up

and I didn’t have time to shake the forget-me-nots last year.

spring rapidly turned to summer.

there was no time.

I never told you you had a kind face.

or thanked the stars for our friendship.

when did anyone say I have a gift for you?

a magical gift of endless days.

we can die with all the money in the world.

what would you wish for? time.

you have it now.

keep it safe.

it is more precious than anything.

all those days when the kids were small and old ladies would say ‘’precious days, enjoy


and now I forget the sweetness in your sleepy eyes

and your musty morning breath

and the I love yous and the wet sloppy kisses.

so take it and embrace it.

we might miss this time we were given.

take it, hold it, touch it, smell it.

Sweet isn’t it?

Name: Ceri Gascoyne

Place of residence: Sherston, Wiltshire.

Your favourite quote: “At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Your one wish for the world: when we all go back to our daily lives I hope we show more compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. That we are gentler, calmer and kinder.

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