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The Lord, my Strength @l_paterno

Topic - Faith

Rough days and nights leave me lost

My heart, a fuse, ready to combust

But praise the Lord, I must

For only Him do I trust!

My mind, like a cloud, becomes a blur 

My head is brimming and can take no more

I am that bug that the world will devour

And nothing matters anymore

His grace I shall reclaim

All I must do is call on his name

For his promises which remain the same

Are the words that I must proclaim

He is my refuge and my stronghold

The one whom I value above all gold

To him, my heart is sold

And his will I will always uphold

My flesh may grow weak.

My heart may fall

But the strength of the Lord is all I seek

He is all that I will ever need.

Poet's biography

Name: Cristy L. Paterno

Place of Residence: Anderson, South Carolina USA

Favorite Quote: Psalm 73: 26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Your one wish for the World: I wish each of us will show kindness to everyone for the World to be a better place.

Where can we find more about you (Website link):


https://twitter.com/l_paterno www.pinterest.com/kcheslar47

A small biography about you:

I'm Cristy L. Paterno from Anderson, South Carolina, USA, with an MBA in

Management from American Intercontinental University Online (AIU). I am a self-

published author with two books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble entitled

Splintered Heart and A Hearts Song. I am currently editing my third (Christmas In

Your Heart) and fourth books (The Assistant) and hopefully published them later

this year or in 2022. 

My favorite quote is from Psalm 73: 26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is

the strength of my heart and my portion forever, this quote gives me the strength

and courage to persevere and enjoy life to the fullest despite my husband's chronic

medical conditions. When I'm not writing, I go for a walk, watch TV, listen to

country music, dance, do photography, baking, cooking, and bowling. I love

anything chocolate, cheesecake, red roses, coffee, dogs, cats, and cherries. I firmly

believe that an act of kindness can spread continuously and make this world a

better place for us. 

Take care and have a lovely day/night. May God bless us richly.

P.S Please, check out my website at www.critypaternobooks.com

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