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The organ donor @AngelicExpress3

I wrote a beautiful song and created you to play along

While adding your own tune

This lively duet of two

Turned into a Trio that included you

So Divinely you were sent

To be the director of Earth's orchestra

As your life became the chorus

However somewhere along the lines

Treble found you

You were moved off Bass

And the Pauses in between us became more and more

It went from 2 Counts, to 4, then 6, and then 8

Until long Pauses replaced the beat that we gave

No longer were you singing in tune to the beat I created for you. In you

And your own Lyrics were smeared

By the disconnection of your tears

As Earth waits patiently to hear your song

From the Divine orchestra you were created to direct

With a wave of your wand

Which is just a wave of your hand

Crescendoing to the wave of your thoughts

As it gets louder

The drumming of your heart pounds harder and faster

As your body finally remembers to move to the beat

Of the original song created within thee

From Me. From Earth. From You.

And back again To Me. To Earth. To You.

However this time, it has been accepted

That this Masterpiece wasn't treble to begin with

Just adding a different sound

That adapts from the waves around

The energies that surround you.

Because you are my organ

That I donated So that we all can be related

Intricately crafted, designed, designated,

Connected forever

Through the music of your life and your death

That will vibrate through walls always

By helping them to remember their own Songs

That they created and I with them

When they too are my Divine organs

Donated to the Earthly orchestra

So that their chorus may continue to sing again

Name: AQ 

Place of Residence: Earth, America. 

Your Favorite Quote: "A changed mindset will produce a change in behavior." - Angelica Stevenson 

Your one wish for the world: For people to remember their own connection to the Creative Power which connects them to everyone and everything. 

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

Facebook: @AngelicExpress3

Instagram: @AngelicExpress3

Angelic Expressive Connections YouTube Channel & Podcast

Universal Living Academy YouTube Channel 

A small bio about you: Poetry is my first Expression that helps people walk in my Soul's Purpose to fulfill and complete the missions of/in my life. So I've been writing poetry ever since the 6th grade and it was love at first write!! 

With my other 3 Expressions: Writer, The Healing Healed Mother,  & The Personalized Analytical Connector; 

I am helping people to remember their Connection to The Creative Power which connects them to every one and everything so that they can Walk in their Soul's Purpose to Fulfill and Complete their Life's Missions.  With the Gifts, the Talents, and the Powers that they were born with.

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