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The Pedal of the Sewing Machine @Mazza793

I spent my weekends watching her foot press the pedal

Of the old Singer sewing machine

Fascinated by the silver tooth which chewed

And bit the wool and cotton under her finger

As she fed it through the metal mouth

Watching dresses and trousers

Appear like magic from the threaded


It was a few years later that I began to

Lose the stitch

Of my brow and arms and


Falling apart with a rip here and there

Arms joined to torso with loose threads

As if the air and sun and night slowly

Was removing the tacking which joined me to

My skin

My clothes becoming as long and dark

As a priest’s

Hiding like a badger under cloth

But I knew that strong feet

And hands can piece together

A flooded eye or bent back

If they moved as fast as a dressmaker’s finger:

They could make a shirt of spring or dress of armour

With flashes of silver and steel

The balance wheel always moving forward

Let it move, let it move

Name: Maria Papageorgiou-Foroudi

Place of residence: Melbourne, Australia

Your favourite quote: I said to the almond tree- "Sister, speak to me of God". And the almond tree blossomed... Nikos Kazantzakis, Report to Greco

Your one wish for the world: Treat one another with empathy and support

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