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The Rise @laliaristo

Updated: Apr 12

She thought she was losing her mind, hounded by nightmares of darkness. She yearned for a sense of belonging that she could harness. When she looked in the mirror with hope for salvation, she gazed deeply into her own emerald pools of wisdom and jubilation.

She peered at the cosmos as the answers poured in and travelled beyond the dimensions that could also be found within. She discovered a magical realm where the light resided; the language of love was mysterious, but the feeling was akin, she had decided.

She wandered for days in pursuit of the unknown, until she realized an existence the Divine had shown. She voyaged with her galactic compass seeking satisfaction, as her Soul sketched her a map of what she had forgotten.

The Council spoke to her in light codes without using words. She was immediately activated to embrace her ethereal lords. She recognized she was sent on a mission of devotion. Her journey propelled her with lessons of awakening revocation.

Light could only be grasped with the wisdom of darkness, as her heart vibrated with the harmonic frequencies of compassion. Relinquishing to the full power of unconditional love, intensifying her vulnerability and forgiveness for the Universe up above.

She illuminated her light to eradicate the darkness and realized she had been cloaked in a warrior shield that no one could harness. She prayed for the power of her infinite self, as her Angelic vibrations reversed and healed the masses.

She never questioned her path again. The Light applauded her wisdom, her love and grace. She was infinite energy, radiating bliss in space; with blessings of joy and peace, uplifting the human race.

Name: Lali A. Love

Place of residence: Ontario, Canada

Your favourite quote: The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi

Your one wish for the world: Self-love and inner-peace


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