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Topic - Spirituality

I’ll tell you what’s been keeping me alive

the thing we cannot name

the thing we can’t explain

an entity there, floating always

in us around us through us

in skin and bone

in hidden places

and in full color, large print

stored in trunks

heard in magic

echoes through the mountains

knows well our ancestors

in butterflies’ wings

in hurricanes

at the beginning of the first heartbeat

and every one after that

and even after the last

in freehand filigree

in tooled precision

in the judgment of the difference

in the verdict and answer

in the discerning

in the voice and the ears

saturates us like water in a sponge

breathing water that is what we are

and the wonder too of stars

and the take away

and the addition

in rights and wrongs

in trials and tragedies

in celebrations.

Poetry biography

Name: @poseofpower

Place of residence: Boise, Idaho

Your favourite quote: Daises need sunshine and roses need rain, so it was all meant to be. (From Alison Krauss's song Teardrops will Kiss the Morning Dew)

Your one wish for the world: That everyone would find peace inside themselves so that they can radiate love instead of hate.

Where can we find out more about you: on Twitter, @poseofpower

A small bio about you:

Due to her health, Shelly has been mostly homebound since 2009. Poetry has been a great source of comfort for her as she faces a terminal illness. Through her physical and psychological struggles, she has found solace in the spiritual. Her poetry speaks of intense pain and suffering and the beauty of transcendence.

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