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There For Her @LeilaniGraceffa

Just what she wanted, someone like him.

Laughs, smiles, fluttering of hearts.

Everything she did finally felt free.

Listening to stories, music, each other's voices.

Nothing else felt the same.

All their worries fading.

Time seemed to fly in the wind.

The stars gleamed through the darkness that night.

A big smile finally appeared across her face.

Something she hadn't done in a while.

Name: Leilani Graceffa or (@LeilaniGraceffa)

Place of residence: Savannah, Georgia

Your favourite quote: “You need a whisk to quickly and adequately whip eggs… life gave you a fork. It doesn’t own you a whisk, deal with it.” — Leilani Graceffa

Your one wish for the world: Peace

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