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Tiny Hands @KitKatPoetess

Bright eyes that shine as they're opened to the world

Cooing noises that make the heart melt

A cry, in need of their mother

Grabbing the attention they seek

Milky breath

Curled and delicate body as if still in the womb

Chubby cheeks


Puckered lips

Perfectly created

Their tiny hands cause my heart to flutter

Gripping my finger

Holding it tight

A tear forms in the corner of my eye

In awe of such a precious life

Babies are such blessings

God's earthly angels

Name: Katrina R. Lippolis

Place of residence: Northeast, Florida

Your favourite quote: "There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart." - Jane Austen

Your one wish for the world: For everyone to see beyond what's in front of them, closing their minds to judgement and open their hearts to love and positivity.

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