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Together Apart @donna_mccance

Together we stand,

To answer a call.

We’ve formed a great team,

Together, us all.

Together we’ll fight,

We’ll struggle, we’ll cry.

But we’ll never give up,

Together we’ll try.

Together we’ll rise,

With our faith and our hope.

We’ll join with our strength,

Together we’ll cope.

Together we are,

And always will be,

Stronger than one,

That includes you and me.

Together, connected,

Though in a new way,

We must keep our distance,

Until a safe day.

When the crisis is over,

We’ll have a new start.

And we won’t have to be

Together apart.

Name: Donna M. McCance

Place of residence: Leicester, MA

Your favourite quote: "Bloom where you are planted."

Your one wish for the world:

My one wish for the world is that we all continue to work together for the betterment of humankind.

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