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Topic - Creativity and imagination

Please watch (Especially from 09:28)...An explanation of this brilliant poem https://vimeo.com/571869966

Poet's biography

Name: Garrick Teckenburg

Place of residence: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Your favourite quote: “Plagiarism is a genuine compliment.” - Dr. Childs

Your one wish for the world: “Safe Spaces to Learn and Play Accessible by all for all with each person, pet, or plant having at least 1 go-to free spirit worry free caring play-date or partner on standby to love, text, call, or be ready and able 2 join in the event a beautiful yet worried mind needs a hug, laughs, and a high-five.”

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): vimeo.com/showcase/sjp

A small bio about you:

My greatest achievement and what I find most rewarding is the joy of being a proud father to 5 amazing children.

I am passionate about people, learning, creating, playing, dreaming, capturing wow moments, writing and making people laugh. I love being an educational leader who respects, honors, and can relate having held the title Teacher and was proudly labeled, “principal.” I also love lamp, movie nights, playing UNO with my kids, golf, throwing a football and shooting hoops.

I am blessed and proud to have the best family & friends on planet Earth.

I am humbled daily by the men, women, and children with whom I choose to surround myself with. It’s those I seek out in the wild, the 5th tier “extras” in my life’s story who gift some of life’s greatest lessons. Without motive other than a laugh and a story that everyone has of which needs to be told…it is here I came up with the idea of the Seek Jenius project. One part 7…a total of 10 “lanes” in a business model I am so proud and honored to have created with some of the finest men and women on planet Earth. They, along with all the beautiful teachers of all shapes, sizes, pets, birds, deer, fish, turtles bees and yes trees continue to inspire and humble me daily.

I struggle with pushing the “send” button when my creative mind and imagination processes new Ideas at ludicrous speeds feeling each and every sensation as I process ways to make “it” even better. It’s also a daily battle to get my “plane” off the ground. When I’m chasing the stars it can be just as debilitating to land the damn thing. I am proud to own iT and to always thrive to be better. To learn new things and do my best at working on a better me!

Personal first, next is to learn.

Success at last…it’s the PROCESS I yearn.

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