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UNI-On @AngelicExpress3

"Calling all 1s to the stage!"

"Calling all Ones to the stage!"

The Communication is heard through the foghorn.

As those of us raced to the stage

Leaving in the dust those blinded in their sight

With their ears held down because the horn was too loud

And once we that heard began to climb onto the stage,

The flat surface formed into stairs

That sent us bumping down

To the rest that we left

Once again we heard the call

"Calling All 1s to the stage!"

"Calling All Ones to the stage!"

So this time we looked at those to the ground

And pulled their hands down

"You are 1 go to the stage!"

"You are One go to the stage!"

And this time more of Ones came

Which followed the rest to the stage

But they could not stay because more ones

Were left down around the stage

So we that saw and heard tied ourselves together

Before splitting around the stage to help those at bay

This time they hear and able to see

That the stage is near

So together we all climb

Rising one by one

Till we are standing, ready to shine

Mouths open speaking in-to each other

"yoU aNd I are On!"

On to receive the CommUNIcation that UNItes us

On to see the path ahead of us

On to hear the guidance before us

On to the connection that joins and binds us

Our UNIOn has already been decreed

Name: AQ

Place of Residence: Earth, America.

Your Favorite Quote: "A changed mindset will produce a change in behavior." - Angelica Stevenson

Your one wish for the world:

For people to remember their own connection to The Creative Power which connects them to everyone and everything.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

Facebook: @AngelicExpress3

Instagram: @AngelicExpress3

Angelic Expressive Connections YouTube Channel & Podcast

Universal Living Academy YouTube Channel

A small bio about you:

Poetry is my first Expression that helps people walk in my Soul's Purpose to fulfill and complete the Missions of/in my life. So I've been writing poetry ever since the 6th grade and it was love at first write!! With my other 3 Expressions: Writer, The Healing Healed Mother, & The Personalized Analytical Connector; I am helping people to remember their Connection to The Creative Power which connects them to every one and everything so that they can Walk in their Soul's Purpose to Fulfill and Complete their Life's Missions. With the Gifts, the Talents, and the Powers that they were born with.

And doing this helps people be the bridge that will fill the gaps of Human Connections and Communications in the daily Interactions of their lives.

"A changed mindset will produce a change in behavior." - Angelica Stevenson

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