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Up for Air, After - @deuxiemepeau

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Diving is not that difficult

I’ve held onto trickier things

over time than just this breath.

Diving is not what’s difficult,

not that descent into darkness-

it is the light that blinds,

it is the sun that burns.

Diving is not that difficult-

we swim into silence,

current cuts movement,

we make moments of a sunken stillness

and surrender.

There is nothing shocking in surrendering.

It is not diving that is difficult

but climbing back up, breaking out,

letting go of being held, of being weightless.

Diving is not that difficult-

difficult is letting go of the fear

that you’ll have forgotten how to breathe.

Name: Damien B. Donnelly

Place of residence: Dublin, Ireland

Your favourite quote: 'I'm frightened by the devil and I'm drawn to those ones that ain't afraid', Joni Mitchell from A Case of You

Your one wish for the world: A better understanding of how beautiful it is to be unique.

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