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Uprising @DmDavanti

Walls scrawled raw

speak torn tales

of worlds halved

pain splashed paint

dirty window missives

carved in the desperate

breath of martyrs

shattered wails

shared exhales

of past failures

laid bare

eclipse anonymity

eschew the stain

of avarice

staunch the

blight with

a litany of song

cast the

unwritten wrong

into the harshest of light

in accord

with connections




refusals issued

in eons

of neon

an ode to bold

a commitment

to shine on.

Poet's biography

Name: DM Davanti

Place of residence: Pennsylvania

Your favourite quote: “Be realistic, demand the impossible!” ― Che Guevara

Your one wish for the world: Survival at abrupt fathoms.

Where can we find out more about you: DMDavanti@ Twitter

A small bio about you:

Between spurts of haiku and micropoetry, DM Davanti is a historical fiction and horror writer. With several works being published this year, he has appeared in Headline Poetry.

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