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Topic - Support

Pull me, push me

Stretch me, squash me

Hurry me, hinder me

But please take time to help me

Give me support

Support me to grow

Grow me to help

But first, take time to help me

When I falter, steady me

When I fall, lift me

When I fear, comfort me

When I fail, take time to help me

Help my words have meaning by listening

my actions purpose by seeing

my role significance by acknowledging

And make my contribution credible by commending

Then I will rise

Soar to great heights

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Lifted, supported and held there by you

all of you

With you

For you

About you

It’s never been about me

Perhaps now it should be?

Me, you, him, her



We are all deserving, all me.

Poet's biography

Name: Tony Walker

Place of residence: North West UK

Favourite quote: Dig your well before you're thirsty.

One wish for the world: People would make as much effort helping others as they do helping themselves.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

I don't have a website but contribute to twitter (@surgicalscribe) and LinkedIn;


A small bio about:

By day Tony climbs the greasy pole of clinical hierarchy. Not yet at the top but high enough to feel the pole sway and have his grip challenged by the envious wind of achievement. Looking down on the pates and gazes of his own history, at times he feels dizzy with lonely pride. By night he takes solace, swapping scalpel for scripts and begins his training and climbing again, in the creative world of writing. His writing is an attempt to unify the twenty-four hours. @surgicalscribe seeks to connect the clinical and creative arts of surgery, science and writing. Hoping to do for medicine and surgery through creative writing what Prof Cox has done for physics with television.

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