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Victory in Defeat @OurMagicalBuzz

When I am treated unfairly, I express my concerns fairly.

When I am told I am not capable, I master the skills to be able.

When I am knocked down, I fight to get back up.

When I am told I have no value, I remind myself of my worth.

When I am not sure about tomorrow, I live for the now.

When I am told I do not belong, I remember those who have been with me all along.

When I am in a dark place, I fill it with light.

When I am told unpleasant words, I act with words of kindness.

When I am turned away from an opportunity, I turn my way to new possibilities.

When I am told I am different, I tell myself that is what makes me unique.

Do not let anyone take away your shine and what makes you authentically you.

Use negativity as stepping stones to make the impossible possible.

Create your journey through life and always see

the Victory in Defeat!

Name: Linda Bustamante Padron

Place of Residence: Columbia, Tennessee

Your favorite quote: "If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney

My one wish for the world: My one wish for the world would be for everyone to be accepted for who they are no matter the color of their skin, where they're from, or who they love.

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