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We're here @Blink_Drive

The pages of our works are black and white.

We exist in the spaces between

All gray.


Standing at the borders of communities

We look to be welcomed in.

We plaster our rainbows, Union Jacks...

Our stars and/ or stripes, rising suns...our crosses, our hallows



We pick our labels. We hope to fit.

We fill our clear pages,

Hoping the words become the prism that separates

Our colorless light

In to our true colors.

Refracted, finally, by our words and actions

Our labels fall away

They matter no longer.

We are the cosmos.

The glorious universe unfolded

We fit through love and acceptance

And only that way.

Refracted we are one

Refracted we are finally free

Love and respect are the only true heroism

Only as one can we move forward

We are the Empire!

We are Ageless

We are Roofers and Apolli

We are Joe Cool


We break protocol and stigmas for love

We do this: Body and Soul

Name: A.C. ‘Drew’ Merkel

Place of residence: Childersburg, AL

Your favourite quote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

Your one wish for the world: Utopian levels of equality and respect.

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