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Yes @MNagin

Yes to hell in a dental chair

the androids stealing our jobs

parades of weirdos protesting

in a surreptitious tongue.

Yes to noxious poisons

arching towards us out the wings 

of a double-decker bus

and months of crazed pandemic 

holed up scribbling madly in quarantine.

Yes to the sinking of all markets, 

crime in the streets, the night like a crucifix

and all promise abandoned in the mud. 

Yes to the archways burning violently,

the glittery paths now closed, 

a dandelion torn apart in the jaw 

of an angry wolf.

Yes to the sorrows of plague

all the swords that behead

the countless prayers that go unheard.

Yes to the yes to the yes that is the yes, 

that will be this yes, that must exist yes,

that rises up and yes, I say yes, it is time,

you are ready, yes, so yes to that yes 

and all of it really yes and yes and yes!

Name: Matt Nagin

Place of residence: New York City.

Your favourite quote: A quote I enjoy is from Judy Garland: 'Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.'

Your one wish for the world:  I wish there could be more unity in the world. At a difficult time like this, we need to look past our differences, and, wherever possible, seek common ground.  We place too much emphasis on cultural differences, ethnicity, sexuality, class. In the grand scheme, these are relatively surface level components of our identity and do not at all comprise who we are on a more spiritual plane. Certainly, we are part of the same species and have many of the same genetics and basic human desires. 

I believe the human race itself is in great peril right now. Perhaps we may even go extinct. 

It may sound trite, but, regardless, it seems a fact that it is only by working together that we can prevail over the current global pandemic and the various other problems on the horizon such as nuclear proliferation, climate change, and the potential, now, for global financial collapse.

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Matt Nagin’s poetry has been published in The East Bay Review, Dash Literary Journal, Oxford Magazine, Grain Magazine and Arsenic Lobster, among others. His work is included in the anthologies “New York’s Best Emerging Poets 2019” and “Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus.” One poem, “If We Are Doomed,” won The 2018 Spirit First Editor's Choice Award. He has published two books of poetry "Butterflies Lost within the Crooked Moonlight" and “Feast of Sapphires," and a humor collection “Do Not Feed The Clown.” More info at mattnagin.com

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